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The meaning behind Couple Jewelry Sets

Engagement, even though it is a bit outdated in recent times is still a significant concept in relation to the potential spouse and the family. Engagement is a promise to wedding, starting from the day of engagement until the wedding. The wedding usually takes place a year after the engagement.

The history of the engagement ring

Are you getting ready to propose do you believe that the big day is imminent and that he will soon be putting the ring on your finger? However, one question remains unanswered. Which finger should you wear the engagement ring and what exactly does it mean?

In ancient times it was customary to have brides wear their engagement rings on the finger of their left hand. The medical knowledge of the time required that a vein called the Vena Amoris, or vein of love, connect this finger directly to the heart. The bond was more romantic and stronger.

The custom persists despite the fact that everyone knows that it's a lie. Currently, the women's engagement ring is worn on the left finger of the ring. After the wedding ceremony, it is common to see the wedding ring juxtaposed or positioned on the finger that is worn by the right hand.

Thirty years ago the time of engagement was a moment to reflect to make sure that the spouses had the chance to live together. It also was an opportunity, and this is not an insignificant thing, a chance to present the promise to the family.

It is very common to choose and present an engagement ring to the person you love. You can throw small gatherings to celebrate the engagement, however, very often, this celebration is held in a very small group of people like siblings, parents and siblings. The couple may not be an apologist, but the engagement has become a customary tradition.

The engagement ring is a symbol that is usually constructed from silver or white gold as well as platinum due to its durability.

Steps for selecting an engagement ring

You've decided to get married, you're already engaged, that's clear. But, despite this decision there are still a few actions to take before embracing the long-awaited day. You will love the engagement ring for the remainder of your life If you pick it with care.

Will you choose a luxury automobile? A single one ? Perhaps you are planning to pass on the ring that was worn by your mother or grandmother? Each engagement ring is unique... Based on the shape and style that appeals to her the most the rose gold engagement ring or diamond engagement ring could be the preferred. The design of the ring can be different but the charm is.

There are a variety of ways to highlight the diamond or precious stone on rings. Solitaire, soloitaire and trilogie, which is made up of three stones that are the same size set side by side are the options. The white gold engagement ring that holds its precious stones is available in a variety of settings, including rail pave, grain or French or Castle.

They are stylish but not extravagant. Gems can be set on the entire ring, or only one or two pieces, based on the style you prefer. The sapphire, the ruby, diamond and emerald engagement rings, for example, is one of the timeless classics of jewelry. Each stone has a specific meaning for instance: the diamond: purity, innocence the emerald symbolises true love; opal: hope; the pearl represents longevity and health, and the sapphire is a symbol of dedication and wisdom.

Also, the precious metal used will have a meaning for the ring that is used for engagement: the precious or semi-precious stones chosen and the overall look of the jewel. Diamond engagement rings are the most favored combination. They represent eternity and are a symbol of love. Ruby red represents both the joy of the union, as well as the love that engulfs the young couple. This precious stone is scarce and makes it a distinctive piece of jewelry.

The ring of engagement symbolizes eternity.

The meaning of the engagement rings is the 4Cs

When choosing your precious stones when choosing your precious stones, you can utilize the "4C" rule to determine the price. When selecting precious stones, you can hear about the "4C" rule: Carat: the weight of the stone Cut is the quality of the cut is the amount of inclusions of the stone (more the stone is smaller, the greater the quality) Color: the shade of the diamond. It ranges from D for white to M for yellowish. To determine the price of the ring it is important to consider these aspects for each of the stones. The design and complexity of the ring determine its rarity, which will influence the cost.

The formalization and formalization of love

Whether your budget is very high or a little less do not forget that the engagement ring is above all the ideal way to declare your love. It is the very first sign of the union to come and should reflect your happiness and also his. Of course, the stone must be durable and to achieve this, the diamond, which is immutable, is the strongest precious stone.

The wedding ring and engagement ring

The use of yellow gold for the engagement ring is generally recommended, particularly if you are planning to pair it with white gold for the wedding ring, which is also a high-quality precious metal. This is a very fluid area as the uses of gold are constantly changing. A large natural diamond is becoming increasingly rare. A striking cut stone can make your engagement rings stand out against an unassuming wedding ring.

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