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Neve by Maxence Fermine: A Poetic Novel Set in Japan

Neve (Snow) is a novel by French author Maxence Fermine, first published in 1999. It tells the story of Yuko Akita, a young haiku poet who lives in the Japanese Alps during the late 19th century. Yuko is obsessed with two things: snow and poetry. He travels across the mountains to meet a master haiku poet, Soseki, who will teach him the secrets of his art. Along the way, he encounters a mysterious woman named Neige (Snow), who has a tragic past and a connection to Soseki. Neve is a short and lyrical novel that explores the themes of beauty, love, death, and the power of words.

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Why You Should Read Neve by Maxence Fermine

  • Neve is a novel that blends fiction and poetry, creating a unique and captivating reading experience. The chapters are short and concise, like haikus, and each one contains a hidden meaning or a message. The language is simple and elegant, evoking the images and emotions of the snowy landscape and the characters.

  • Neve is a novel that transports you to a different time and place, immersing you in the culture and history of Japan. The novel depicts the contrast between the traditional and the modern, the rural and the urban, the peaceful and the violent aspects of Japan in the late 19th century. The novel also introduces you to the art of haiku, a form of poetry that consists of three lines of 17 syllables, expressing a moment of insight or beauty.

  • Neve is a novel that touches your heart with its story of love and loss, hope and despair, life and death. The novel explores the relationship between Yuko and Neige, two lonely souls who find each other in the snow. The novel also delves into the past of Soseki, who has a dark secret that haunts him. The novel shows how poetry can heal wounds, inspire dreams, and transcend reality.

How to Download Neve by Maxence Fermine PDF

If you are interested in reading Neve by Maxence Fermine, you can download it as a PDF file from various sources online. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of the files you download. Some files may be corrupted, incomplete, or contain viruses. Some files may also violate the copyright laws and harm the author's rights. Therefore, we recommend that you download Neve by Maxence Fermine PDF from reputable and authorized websites.

One such website is [], where you can find a free download of Neve by Maxence Fermine in French. is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, music, and more. You can access Neve by Maxence Fermine PDF by clicking on this [link]. You will need to create an account or log in to download the file.

If you prefer to read Neve by Maxence Fermine in English or Italian, you can purchase it from [Goodreads] or [The StoryGraph], respectively . These are popular platforms where you can discover new books, read reviews, join communities, and more. You can access Neve by Maxence Fermine by clicking on these links: [English], [Italian]. You will need to pay a small fee to download the file.


Neve by Maxence Fermine is a poetic novel that will enchant you with its story of snow and haiku. It is a novel that will make you appreciate the beauty of nature, the power of words, and the depth of emotions. If you are looking for a short and lyrical read that will transport you to another world, you should give Neve by Maxence Fermine a try.


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