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How to Install and Use BEAST 2.07 on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Unzip the downloaded compressed ZIP archive (currently unzipped files contain executable binaries for BEAST, BEAUti, LogCombiner, TreeAnnotator and TreeStat.Double-clicking on those files will automatically start the corresponding program.

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beast 2.07 download

  • The latest version of BEAST 2 is version 2.7.4. To install this version, select one of the following to download the version for your operating system: Download for Windows (90MB)

  • Download for Mac OS X (87MB)

  • Download for Linux x86 (91MB) /aarch64 (92MB)

After this, or if you already have v2.7.X (X=0, 1 or 2) installed, you can upgrade via the package manager.Older versions are available from the BEAST2 releases web page.The BEAST 2 source code is available from the beast2 and BeastFX GitHub repositories.

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Along with new additions, the majority of the game's sprites have been updated in one way or another. In the image below you'll see from left to right, original game, upscale 2.06 and finally upscale 2.07 (this version)

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I am now back on my main rig and using your wonderful 2.07b upscale pack with the Jan 31st build of NBlood and the mirrors are fine. maybe it was an issue on the 8th gen i7 laptop and all's fine on my Ryzen 9 3900x desktop?

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